About Mark Cooper

The Beginning.

OK. So normally I'm not a person that would be considered a blogger but I will tell you a little background about myself and my passion for music. It all started when I was 14. My parents weren't really home often because they both worked a large amount of the time. Most of the time I was home alone and was very anti social. At school, I wasn't considered one of the cool kids, I was one of the kids that was teased everyday. I really didn't have too many friends so I was used to going home and being by myself all the time.


As time went by, I saw a kid at my school that was really popular for his music and his name is very known right now "Mike Posner". When I heard about it around the school I thought that maybe that could be the thing I'm missing in my life. As I attempted to make beats back then I had a low self esteem so I was easily discouraged and quit and came back time to time for about 2 years. When people around school heard I was trying to do music, they simply made fun of me even more. I felt like the dream i was developing was just a fantasy and I would never be good enough. By the time I reach my junior year, I decided i would try rapping out and once again I was picked on for it.


After that, I really wanted to give up until the beginning of my senior year when I met my first rap partner "Mic Jack". I can truthfully say that my dreams of doing something with music began to show when I team up with him. He was like the Brother from another mother. We didn't have the best equipment, we had Cubase LE and an USB mic from a PS2 video game lol. We named our Group True Soldiers and that's where it true fully began. 3 years later, we decided for the first time to head to a studio to record. After that, I decided that we would make our first official mixtape called "Time to Win".


After we finished that, It was around the time I was attending college and time was really hard to get together. Plus my partner had different focuses and new things he wanted to experience so I decided to work on my first solo project; an album called Distortion; which is a story based album where I expressed my life story. But with the inspiration to be a better rapper and producer, I decided to make my own beats, Not swear, not talk about the typical things rap influences, and tie it together like a story. I ended up finding a studio around my area I decided to record with and still today; Reagan Hamilton. Even though it was a hard task to make an album, expenses was another factor that came into play. I had to make alot of sacrifices to pursue this dream of mine. After I was finally completed with the album, alot of people seem to really like it alot except me. As an artist, I felt that there was so much more I could of done. They say that you are your own worst critic, I was 10x that lol.


After the album, I decided to work on my Mixtape which is Part 2 to my album ; Artificial Intelligence. Along that process I once again got discouraged by the people that I was around at my college. Just when I was going to stop I got accepted into the Disney College Program is Anaheim, CA. Doing that internship, clearly changed my life. I was surrounded with some many people that were kind and were considered life long friends. It inspired me so much that I ended up making a Graduation song for the Disney College program and was the first to ever do it by collab with other musicians. 


After i came back home in MI, I had a new motivation and finished Artificial Intelligence. I could honestly say that i was really proud of it. Then in 2011, I released my first ever beat tapes... Baby Steps (samples) and Artificial Mind (originals)  which I worked night and day on for 2-3 years straight. Although my first beat tapes people really enjoyed, yet again I felt I could so much more. So the last installment of my story i wanted to complete was my second album called "The Awakening" which was about letting go of the things in the past and to pursue futher in the future. That particular album meant alot to me because its the first time i ever felt so emotionally attached creating this project. From the midnight shifts to the sleepless days, the only thing on my mind was to complete this album. When it was finally available in late 2011, it ended up being a success.


During that time, I also came out with a small beat tape project called "First Day of School" which was a step to the next level as a producer. After those projects, you can say I took a break as an artist; but something else caught my eye. Producer beat battles which were run by Detroitrap.com and other groups. I personally felt it was a great direction for exposure since open mics were hard to come by. At first, beat battles for me were rough, every month getting eliminated from the first round. I used to think it was maybe because of popularity of the competition; but it made me want to get better each time i would compete. People saw me around overtime and became familar with my music and built an fanbase before my very eyes. Through battling, I have made friends with so many producers and artists including my right hand man Blizzard. so after 4 long years, i have came from being eliminated the first round to winning the biggest beat battle tournaments in the city of Detroit.(March Madness 2015 & Summer games 2014).


Along with those acheivements, i was also nominated for best producer in Detroit for the Underground Hip-hop Awards. During the beat battle times, I thought it would be good to release a new mixtape project as an artist called "the otherside of the dream" which is about the stress that comes with following a dream. Also I would come out with more beat tapes such as "I know how you feel man"(hip hop) and "Once upon a Dream"(Disney). Ever since, i have never stopped working on bigger and better things. Now that I've been through alot of changes in my life over time, I feel I can finally be proud of the music I create...


The Present