Beat Tapes

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Beat tape section of my page. As you may or not know, for the year of 2015, I am releasing a new beat tape every 1st of the month. Each tape is very different from the next. here are some of my recent releases. Enjoy and thanks for visiting. 
From The Soul

In this beat tape, it has a feel that is very self explanatory; From the soul... Enjoy!

Saturday Morning
Car Tunes

 Saturday Morning Car Tunes is a beat tape filled with some of my favorite shows growing up as a kid. If you want to hear a blast from the past, this is the tape for you... 

I Know How You Feel Man Pt.2

 This tape will take you back on "Feels Control"

It's a Trap

 This tape is my first attempt at the Trap direction of Hip Hop... listen and enjoy!

Saturday Morning
Car Tunes Part 2

The Long Awaited sequel to my most widely popular beat tape. Saturday morning cartoons digs even deeper into the fragments of my childhood heroes on Saturday mornings.

Insert Credits

This beat tape is solely a huge shout out to the gamers 4 life with some remixes from your favorite video games growing up. Get ready for the memories...

I Know How you feel Man

"I know how you feel man" is one of my first soul heavy sampled beat tapes. Has many different varieties that could have you "feel" some time of way.

The Sheila Harbour Tape

This tape is dedicated to one of my greatest inspirations; my mom 

Drakin' On the Weeknd

A beat tape of where you would combine the feels of drake and the melodies of the weeknd. A fun tape to listen to.

Keep it 100 Beat Series

The keep it 100 beat series updates every Friday and its better and better each week. keep updated on this tape.