Blizzard The Mad Scientist

hip hop producer

The Way people would describe the hip hop producer "Blizzard" is the "Incredible Hulk" of beat battles. Soundproof member, Blizzard has become a force to be reckoned with due to his powerful beat production and continues to progress over time.

DJ Fluff

dj /videographer/ producer

When it comes to DJ Fluff, there is one genre of music your reminded of. "ghetto tech" As a member of Soundproof he has created several innovative ideas such as his clothing line "Slaper Camp" various videos and more. click his link to see more about him.

DJ Lixxer

Dj / Battle DJ/ Turntablist

Whose says females can't hang with the fellas! Dj Lixxer is a turntable killer coming out of Ypsilanti, Mi. She solely focuses on her craft to be the best she can be. Currently she is back 2 back Dj champion of Michigan and is looking for more ways to show the world what she's made of. 

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